Fashion Rant: Denim Look Leggings

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Now I myself have been guilty of waking up in the morning too lazy to think about what to wear and have chucked on an oversized shirt with a pair of leggings, attempting to pass them off as pants but the denim look leggings go too far. They shamelessly promote that wearing leggings as pants is completely acceptable; if you can wear that top with jeans you can wear them with leggings! And a majority of them are low quality so after a couple of washes they achieve that sheer look which screams trashy (yes even on you Rhianna with your new obsession for sheer everything). This being said I'm not 100% opposed to certain leggings worn with tops, it's more the fear of people becoming too comfortable with the concept and deciding to experiment with what kind of leggings can be worn as pants i.e the opaque leggings. Now if you're thinking to yourself no one would wear opaque leggings as pants, you are wrong because I have seen with my very own eyes people (OK admittedly one person on the bus) try and pull of this. Ok I've got to go hit the books so I'll leave you with that lovely image, let me know what you think.

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  1. my mum has taken a liking to them! arrrgh, she asks me how they look and i shake my head in disapproval! but she wears long shirts with them.. i think the main problem is people wear it as if they're real jeans, and unless you have the ass of a 25 y/o pilates instructor, no one wants to see it..

    the live traffic feed on the side makes me feel like i should comment cos you know i've been here LOL

  2. It must be a mum thing, Mirelle's mum bought her a pair the other day *shakes head* ah mums

  3. ewwww hahah my mum would never wear them. she likes only loose stuff *rolls eyes* but still, i am glad i will not have to tell her off for wearing icky jean leggings

  4. Ok I admit I have worn them (in the house) *hangs head in shame* but they are pretty conveniant. Having said that I would never wear them outside of the house. I'm sure Trinny and Susannah would disapprove. It totally ruins the shape of the legs.


  5. I think its only ok if you cover your ass up... I've seen PLENTY of people wear normal tights as pants and it leaves nothing to the imagination. I can see their underwear and their ass...

    atleast try to get me in bed before we get so intimate :P

  6. Yes I agree, if you are going to wear leggings as pants definitely make sure it covers butt.


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