Fashions on the field: ARIAs 2009

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Unfortunately I didn't get to watch the ARIAs (for overseas visitors the ARIAs is a music awards show celebrating Australian artists, as well as a few New Zealanders that we have claimed as our own) this year as I was busy cramming as much as I could before my psych exam this morning, but I came home eagerly to see the fashions from yesterday night. And I have to say I was quite disappointed, for a collection of such creative people I didn't really see any looks that I fell in love with.
Vanessa: Is this look reminding anyone else of the Adamms family?
Natalie: This one of the few dresses of the night I actually liked, reminds of a dress that Serena wore in Gossip Girl
Charlie: I'm reminded of that rule that when dressing you should choose to show either leg or arms or back, something along that lines. Well Charlie has spit on that rule by revealing her back, arms and leg in this tiny number. Maybe it's just the fact that I still see her as beloved child entertainer from Hi-5 but this look is a little off.
Lisa: Very futuristic, I would of liked it better if it were in a different colour.

So what did you guys think of the looks from the night?

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  1. I like the TOP half of Jessica Mauboy's dress, but I agree none of the ones here are really that spectacular. And Charlies dress is oh so wrong for her child entertainer status.


  2. this is such a cool blog love it!

  3. haha YOU BLOG!?
    since when lol
    i love betsy, even contemplated getting formal dress from there free musicebooks


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