Fashion Spotlight: Betsey Johnson

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New York fashion designer Betsey Johnson is known for her quirky, off beat styles and with party season fast approaching you should definitely consider a Betsey dress if you want something fun and playful, plus she does great prom dresses which are my favourite style of cocktail dress this season.
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  1. if only i could afford one... it's a very cute style

  2. actually if the exchange rate stays like this, and you have a formal occasion its not bad priced, like $200, i just dont have an occasion for a dress that much though

  3. haha YOU BLOG!?
    since when lol
    i love betsy, even contemplated getting formal dress from there

  4. Since a month ago haha, thought you knew. Oh should of! I was thinking of you today, so many formal dresses

  5. whoa!!!, you had a passion in blogging, thumbs up for your work of love.. Hehe very inspiring ideas,

    anyway I'm william
    mind if I put a link back to you?free musicebooks


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