Fashion Spotlight: Gossip Girl Range

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Yesterday Big W released its Gossip Girl line designed by first time designer Kai Aiyub (a.k.a. The Morning Show's resident fashion guru). The line is inspired by the three female leads of the hit series; Serena, Blair and Jenny. Being designed for Big W meant that an important aim of the range was to be affordable, which it definitely is with the cocktail dresses coming in around $45AUD. However isn't part of the appeal of the fashion in Gossip Girl the indulgence and extravagance? How that thousand something dollar Chanel bag is just part of a casual summer outfit? But I guess we have to take into consideration that the line is inspired by the show and not a replica of the fashions. In general Kai's line contains some cute dresses, trendy casual pieces such as bags and shoes and of course Blair inspired headbands. My fav from the line? The Jenny inspired white strapless cocktail dress and the red satin ballet flats.

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  1. the trouble with gg 'inspired' fashion is that it often just looks cheap and like you're trying to be something you're not. i definitely agree about the exclusivity. i think it would be better if people were inspired themselves to buy a few random pieces that remind them of gg fashions and mix up their existing wardrobe to make it more gg-esque, otherwise we will end up with loads of clones wearing chainstore gg and it just won't seem as special anymore. i don't mind not being able to afford to dress like the gg girls, in a way it gives me something to aspire to. great post d :)

  2. I noticed the range and INSTANTLY thought of you and your blog :)
    I agree, the red satin ballet flats were my fave too.
    (Mel x)

  3. I really like your fashion stuff I wish I have one.

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  5. I like the TOP half of Jessica Mauboy's dress, but I agree none of the ones here are really that spectacular. And Charlies dress is oh so wrong for her child entertainer musicebooks


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