Fashions on the field: Melbourne Cup 2009

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The day that stops the nation, where Australians everywhere congregate in front of television screens (and the lucky ones who are there live) and put our money down our favourites, drink too much and yell our lungs out. But we all know its just as much about the fashion as it is the horses, so here are some of the looks from the day.

  1. Actress Sibylla Deen. The look is very cute, cocktail-vibe and safely co-ordinated but there is another reason I included her. I think we are going to be seeing more of her in style pages in the future since she has scored a role on on the very stylish Gossip Girl (And isn't her headband reminiscent of Blair Waldorf). Photo: AAP Image/ Tracey Nearmy
  2. Model Ruby Brown. Now the look is a little different but today isn't about being safe. I like how it incorporates a lots of trends; the lacy gloves, the chains, ruffled shirt without looking over the top by keeping it to classic black and white. Photo: Rob Banks, taken from
  3. Natalie Sade. Very on trend with the one shoulder dress, the colour is very spring and she has incorporated the blue in well. Photo: AAP Image/ Julian Smith
  4. Model Rebecca Twigley. She stuck to one  block colour but I think that works with the sleeves (which is my favourite part of the dress), the waist and the large headpiece.  Photo:Robert Prezioso/Getty Images.
  5. Jennifer Hawkins. I like the sheer top, I like the headpiece (specially the base detail) but it isn't my fav Jen races moments. I think I was expecting more from the face of Myer, maybe even more colour would be nicer, nevertheless she looks gorgeous as usual. Photo: Getty Images.
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  1. Sibylla Deen is wearing a forever new dress! There were lots of them around actually, they jump out at me haha.
    I loved Rebecca Twigley's hat, although it doesn't look great in the photo, and didn't mind the dress.
    Jen Hawkins, agreed, like the top but wasn't a fan of the skirt. I preferred the black lace sleeved dress she wore recently... Not sure which race it was for.

  2. the traffic feed on the right is kinda creepy LOL like for me, i feel like i'm stalking you...


  3. ah so you're parra, you can't hide your stalker ways from me, traffic feed or no traffic feed

  4. #2 is my favourite. Not everyone pulls off the Balenciaga thing but she looks fantastic & covered, which is nice to see...
    Some of the photos online are shocking though, I have to wonder whether they painted their faces on in the dark!

  5. From when I first got interested in fashion Zooey Deschanel stood out as a style icon of our generation ( I even had a version of her polka dot dress, seen in the centre, made). Her cute, quirky vintage look, often paired with black stockings I'm sure have been a muse for many a fashionista ( Zooey being featured in numerous fashion blogs and sites can be taken as proof).JeansOpen Sesame


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