I like your style: Leighton Meester/ Blair Waldorf

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In a recent online poll Leighton Meester was chosen as the fashion icon of the noughties beating out other fashionistas such as Rachel Bilson, Mary-Kate, Seinna Miller and Kate Moss. Whether she is herself or her on screen alter ego Blair Waldorf (from Gossip Girl) you can see why, both have highlighted that classy is hot and are responsible for the rise of the headband and coloured tights.

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  1. so jellous!
    but we do try our best to be her and jenny

  2. I loved Rebecca Twigley's hat, although it doesn't look great in the photo, and didn't mind the dress.
    Jen Hawkins, agreed, like the top but wasn't a fan of the skirt. I preferred the black lace sleeved dress she wore recently... Not sure which race it was for.JeansOpen Sesame


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