I like your style: Zooey Deschanel

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From when I first got interested in fashion Zooey Deschanel stood out as a style icon of our generation ( I even had a version of her polka dot dress, seen in the centre, made). Her cute, quirky vintage look, often paired with black stockings I'm sure have been a muse for many a fashionista ( Zooey being featured in numerous fashion blogs and sites can be taken as proof).

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  1. I concur... totally want her wardrobe...

    Nice blog btw Nush :)


  2. #2 is my favourite. Not everyone pulls off the Balenciaga thing but she looks fantastic & covered, which is nice to see...
    Some of the photos online are shocking though, I have to wonder whether they painted their faces on in the dark!JeansOpen Sesame


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