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I've always thought of myself as a bit of a thrift shopper, always searching for the best prices so I was surprised at myself that I had never gone to a designer warehouse sale until last week. What bargains to be had, items that regularly retail in the hundreds marked down to as little as $15. And it's not just reject pieces either, some of the sales I went to had clothing from the latest range. Here are my finds from some of the sales I went to last week:

Grace & Hart/ Bebe Sale

These are my purchases from the sale, working at the sale did make it hard to limit myself since I saw like a hundred things I wanted. The first dress is a Bebe dress, image courtesy of Cosmopolitan Jan 2010 which regularly retails $169.95 but was priced at just $30. The next dress is also Bebe, I actually got this one for free as a thank-you but it regularly retails for about $150 but was priced at $30. The top yellow dress one is a Grace& Hart dress, I can't remember the exact RRP but it would have been around $200 plus but sold for $45, as did all the Grace& Hart dresses at the sale. The blue sailor dress beneath it is another Bebe dress, which I bought for $30 as well. The skirt is Made by Ellie, and I think I bought for either $20 or $30. The bow top is Bebe and I got it for $15 and finally the white Bebe blazer which sold at $30.

Cooper St sale
The sale started at 8am and I got there only 15minutes after and it was already packed, a fairly small room with everyone searching for a bargain. Everything was priced from $15 to I think $100. I bought the three dresses pictured right and a cropped leather jacket all for $20 each.
Ladakh sale
Everything was $15, from a top to a cocktail dress all $15. It was cash only, and unfortunately I only had a twenty on me so had to restrict myself to one item; this Anise red halter dress.

Tips for warehouse shopping

  • Bring cash, a lot of the sales are cash only and we had a lot of customers having to leave behind items that they wanted because they had no cash on them
  • All of the sales I went to are located on a floor at the office of the label, so it may not be easy to find. So if you have no sense of direction like me I would suggest going on to a site such as whereis and getting yourself some directions beforehand.
  • It gets messy, so be prepared to sort out through hundreds of clothes, you never know what bargains you may find
  • It can also get hectic, the Cooper St one in particular was held in a small room and you could barely move so you have to have some patience.
  • Get in early as you can to get the best buys And also in relation to time if you can, avoid lunch hour, that was when it was the craziest.
  • Closely check the item before you buy to detect any faults, some of the clothes were accidently put in that had swatches cut out from them. Also if you can try them on, at the Bebe/Grace&Hart sale most of the clothes didn't have sizing and I did make the mistake of misjudging the size of a dress.
  • Finally, just because it used to cost $300 and now is selling for $20 doesn't mean you have to buy it, if you wouldn't want it at full price then don't get it because it's still a waste of money if you never wear it. 

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  1. awesome post d. the bebe sailor dress is SO cute, you must wear it next time i see you.

  2. i love the zebra-print dress. fab ♥

  3. That looks manic, but you have got some lovely stuff!

    Thank you for the comment you left on my blog!

  4. I love all of your choices

    The bold colours are perfect.. and the prints are exactly what I need in my own wardrobe

    I don't own any animal prints at all, but I am thinking a zebra print should be a staple soon

    After the year is up that is.. I'm on a year long shopping ban

    Style on a String :: Because style has nothing to do with money.

  5. Haha I understand, I'm also resisting the urge to go shopping for awhile


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