Fashion Spotlight: Birkenhead Point

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The newly renovated Birkenhead Point has been creating a bit of buzz of late so I went to check it out with some of the girls, cash and card ready for all the bargains. In case you don't know Birkenhead Point is an outlet shopping centre located in Drummoyne. When we got there is was very quiet, which is very surprising given this time of year this really should have been our first clue. Birkenhead does carry some great labels such as Alannah Hill as well as your regular chain stores Valleygirl and Cotton On. However we really didn't find any great buys, and some of the sizing in some of the stores was off. If you are looking for a bargain I would recommend Clear It, that was really where we bought most of our stuff and has a large range of brands for pretty good sizes. But unless you live nearby or one of the stores is you all time favourite it really isn't worth the travel.
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