House in Tillford: A Week in the Fashion Industry

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So the age old question, ok not age old but commonly asked amongst people about to start a job/internship/work experience program in the fashion industry is "what do i wear". Googled it, vogue-forumed it and concluded should be professional (i.e no ott skin or cleavage) yet show creative flair. So equipped with this knowledge, this is what I put together for my week at Dolly Dolly. To read about my experiences check out

Monday (left). Decided for the first day it was better to go be slightly dressed, following the "better to be overdressed than underdressed" mind of thinking whilst still remaining kind of office-esque.

Tuesday (top right). Black jeans and floaty blue top which had a sequinned design on the top, got complimented by the production assistant and one of the designers (who p.s. has appeared as a judge on Project Runway), yay

Wednesday. Got the day off, celebrated by getting the swine flu vaccination.

Thursday (top left). Went with office chic again since I never really get the opportunity to wear clothes like that. Can't fully capture the outfit, but it was a white floaty top, that had ruffling on the v-neck and a high waisted black skirt which had a bit of shimmer to it.

Friday (top right). This is what I planned on wearing, however since it was the day of the warehouse sale they wanted us in clothes from the label so I wore a Bebe Sydney dress instead, as you can see in the images right and below.<3 the studding, very much hearting anything studded at the moment.

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  1. this is cute, congrats on the internship!! Have fun and learn for me ;]

  2. LOVE IT!! Awesome outfits D, I especially love the planned Friday outfit and the first day dress :)

  3. I just saw your comment on my old blog. Thanks so much for commenting!
    Abby Lee IS great haha !
    you can check out my new blog at:

    btw, LOVE YOURS!

  4. Friday top right is a great ensemble!


Thanks for the comments!