Fashion Rant: Ed Hardy

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Mullets, wife beaters and flannel used to be seen as the staples of a bogan (for those of you who don't know what a bogan is think Trailer Trash, Redneck). Well last year Aussie site Things Bogans Like (based on American site, Stuff White People Like) released a list consisting of the loves of CUBs (cashed up Bogans). The list included Boost Juice, "getting huge" (i.e. bulking up at the gym) and Ed Hardy. Now some of the items on the list I have to disagree with like Boost, don't know how over priced juice is bogan since people of all demographics drink it but I wholeheartedly agree with Ed Hardy being on the list. I do not get what the appeal of Ed Hardy is at all. OTT is all I see, the bedazzling, the tattoo design Erk. Why would anyone pay so much? However there seems to be a split in opinion, type Ed Hardy into facebook search and for every "Thanks to Ed Hardy I recognize morons right away" group there is a Ed Hardy fan page(although I couldn't help but notice that the haters have more members than the fan pages). So what do you think? Ed Hardy, a yay or ney?
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  1. Nay. It's tacky. I think the shirts are ok but people tend to wear Ed Hardy head to toe which isn't cool.

  2. Definately nay! Mez LOVES Ed Hardy and now he doesn't wear it around me because he knows I hate it lol. I think the simpler shirts are ok but when the whole shirt is covered in colourful rhinestones it's too much.

  3. Oh no mez, love that he doesn't wear it around you. Yeah the OTT stuff is the stuff the CUBs loves

  4. I think Ed Hardy has had it's fifteen minutes of fashion fame and now it needs to go away.


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