Fashion Spotlight: Hairspiration

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A new year, a new look and the easiest way to change up your look is changing your hair. I have been trying to rock the hair du jour (i.e. middle part, no fringe) but frankly it makes me look old and gets a little dull.

So for those looking for some inspiration, look no further. Just a few days ago I took in a pic of Zoe Kravtiz (first image) into the hair dresser and am now rocking a front fringe. And if you don't want to go for a drastic cut then just adding a braid, a la Lauren Conrad or headband can freshen things up too.

 My new hair:

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  1. lovin the hair :)
    happy blogging !

  2. You look gorgeous with bangs! I need to learn how to braid :)


  3. saw your bost on independant fashion bloggers (-: Love your blog. Am following you now. Please check me out too.



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