Fashion Spotlight: Summer Music Festivals

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Once you hit 18 summer becomes synonymous with music festivals. And with Big Day Out, Good Vibrations and Future Music Festival (which is the one I'm going to) just around the corner, a festival fashion post is in order. Now the key thing when dressing for a music festival is comfort, make sure it is comfy enough to wear 12 straight hours in the sun, dancing and walking. Remember it can get dirty and you may loose stuff so make sure you don't wear anything you love or anything expensive.When we went to Good Vibrations last year, the weather changed and it ended up being a wet, cold day. Now the moral from this story is even if you have a perfect festival outfit in mind, if the weather changes then change your outfit because the people wearing bikinis and denim cutoffs looked ridiculous (oh and another moral is make sure you bring a poncho if it look likes rain). So I jumped on Polyvore and recreated some of these celeb festival looks to inspire you. And for my northern hemisphere readers who are shivering in the cold, hopefully this post will warm you up with thoughts of dancing in the sun.

Kate Moss festival fashion
KateMoss festival fashion by Shila11 featuring Converse shoes

Denim shorts are easy, and scream summer. The bag is super appropriate as well, small and keeps your hands free whilst being large enough to carry a camera, phone and ID.

festival by Shila11 featuring Miu Miu bags

A playsuit is so easy to wear, throw it on and just add accessorises. And as you can see in the very above image, some cool sunnies are a festival must (but maybe some cheaper ones because they may end up crushed at the bottom of a mosh pit)

Pixie Festival
Pixie Festival by Shila11 featuring TopShop shorts

Singlet, shorts. Easy and comfy.

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  1. Thanks D! Think I like the playsuit, that way theres no chance of clothes annoyingly riding up your waist. I also like the knee high boots idea - shoes that can afford to get trampled on and worn in the mud!


  2. Just remember going to bathroom can be kinda annoying cause its like taking your entire outfit off, and i know your bladder!

  3. Ahahaha! I never thought about that, yeah if get too desperate I'll end up cursing and hating the outfit

  4. Really great. I´d like to be there... Outside, where it´s warm... wearing this shorts...
    Well in my city is snow now...


  5. i love what everyone wears for the Glastonbury festival...they incorporate the boots so perfectly! kate looks awesome


Thanks for the comments!