I like your style: MODs

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Models off duty are some of the most stylish people around, they have perfected casual wear to an art. One of the first models I looked to as a style icon was Kate Moss, she made me want to buy vests, striped tops and ballet flats.

A newer faces that can be found on style pages across the world is Chanel Iman.

Some other MODs to keep an eye on are Lilly Donaldson, Anja Rubik and Lilly Cole
And it isn't just international models that have style. Aussie gal Miranda Kerr has more of a  simple style consisting of blazers, jeans and cute dress which results in an effortless chic image.


Looking at these images it seems the key to achieving the look of MODs is perfecting the art of layering. And if you could look into the wardrobe of these models I can guess you would find lots of black, greys and whites, having a few basic colours running through your wardrobe makes it much easier to mix and match your outfits. Finally, and I apologise in advance for the corniness, but what separates MODs is their air of confidence.

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