Fashion Rant: Have we evolved since the 90s?

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Being born on the 11th of January 1990 I only missed out on 11 days of the 90s, thus I am well and truly a child of the 90s. Despite this I still think the fashion of the 90s are cringe worthy, however I just may think this because back then my wardrobe was chosen by my mum. When I did start having power over my clothes, my choices were dictated by rules that were inspired by the mistakes from the 90s. Rules likes shoulder pads are a no, denim on denim is a no and one should never attempt midriff bearing clothing. But flicking through Cosmo the other day I was suprised to read that denim on denim is now OK. And no one is fooled by cropped tees, we all know that they are midriff tops from the 90s. And lets not forget how huge big shoulders were on the catwalk last year. But even more surprising than all these faux pas being toted as hip is that looking at the image in Cosmo of Jessica Szohrs wearing denim on denim didn't make me gag, although the thought of denim on denim still does. I guess we can look to Charles Darwin to solve this puzzle. Obviously in the 90s there was something about shoulder pads that appealed to the masses. So in a process similar to natural selection the designers of today have taken the good parts of such trends and enabled them to evolve from something cringe worthy into something coveted by us fashionistas. And hopefully us fashionistas have evolved enough to know that if we have  anything that resembles a beer belly we should stay away from cropped tees and if do wear denim on denim make sure they are different washes of denim. And surely we are all better off than when our mums were choosing our clothes.

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  1. fashion works like a cycle. trends from the past are being incorporated in today's modern looks.

  2. I think that the main difference between the denim on denim in the 90's and d on d now is that now it sits better on the body. it flatters (well, of course, unless it doesn't) and it doesn't remind you of a tent or something.

    p.s. cropping should be left to crops.

  3. 90s were better than the 80s :)
    and everything comes backkk
    nicole kidman was at the oscars! in that horrific dress. :) xoxoxo


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