Bargain Hunter: DFO

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Haven't written a bargain hunter piece for awhile but I'm so happy with my successful shopping trip today that I have been inspired. I have mixed feelings about DFO (Direct Factory Outlet), cause there will be times when I find nothing but today was not the case. Table Eight was having this huge sale, with a large amout of their stock being marked under $10. However it was pretty disappointing because every time I found something I liked, it was only available in huge sizes. I did pick up a Barkins belt for $2 though! The rest of the day was a success, bought myself two skirts, three tops, a hoodie and two sets of PJs. And I don't even feel guilty because it was all under $100! If you are heading over soon the places I found my bargains were: Dotti, Cotton On (this is a given to find cheap finds though), Factorie, BnT and Peter Alexander. Other stores you can find include: French Connection, Portmans, Country Road and Converse.

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  1. Pyjamas are a highly under-rated fashion piece. Did you manage to find nice Winter pairs?

  2. Actually was looking for summer stuff for when we go o/s

  3. Your experience reminds me a little of what it's like shopping at TJ Max around here. You just never know what your going to fin that you like in the right size. It's like an interesting fashion Easter Egg hunt.

  4. That sounds like a successful shopping trip! Share your finds please!^^

    Lilly :D


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