Fashion Spotlight: Myer at LMFF 2010

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Let me start of my saying how gorgeous does Jen look, she really stands out amongst the brunette models. The dress worn by Jen is a Tony Maticevski, it looks amazing on her but not sure about how it gathers up on the thigh. This image really reminds me of the Balmain catwalk images I put up previously: military inspired outfits paired with boots and touches of gold.

It is no surprise that monochrome and leather made an appearance at the show, both are going to be trends of 2010. The monochrome outfits are devine, so classy and glam. Not sure how well all leather outfits are going to translate off catwalk, yes to leather jackets but perhaps no to that red  jumpsuit ensemble.
The one shot I've seen where the other models look better than Jen has been the shot below, what is that outfit? Her outfit incorporates the oh so trendy right now thigh high boots but they've pushed the outfit too far. Although I really like the middle four outfits, and all of them can be worn straight off the catwalk easily.

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  1. I am particularly drawn to that long black dress. I wish there was a close-up of the neckline, it looks like it is draped.

  2. loving on that read dress... :)


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  4. Hey! I read your thing on teenvogue and i am following you!

  5. for the most part these do look very wearable. thanks for commenting on my fashion week post.


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