Fashions on the field: Future Music Festival 2010

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Despite the predicted thunderstorms and rain, Sydney's Future Music Festival last Saturday ended up being a scorcher of a day (making me regret wearing wet/leather look leggings).
 For those of you who have no idea what Future Music Festival is, it is a dance music festival held nationally around the beginning of March and this years line up included The Prodigy, David Guetta and Franz Ferdinand. I was hoping to get a few pictures of the some of the styles sported on day the but I was too busy seeking shade and dancing the night away. I did get one pic of what not to wear (unless of course you want to be escorted out by the police, only before providing a laugh to thousands of onlookers):

Here is my non-visual wrap up of the fashions of Futures:
- About 90% of females were wearing shorts and a top (including bikini top), 8% dresses and the unlucky 2% of us wearing long pants, stockings and leggings
- Animal print made quite an appearance
- As did crochet one piece paired with shorts
- And of course like at every festival, people took this opportunity to wear things that in the real world wouldn't pass as clothes, pieces that barely cover more than the mankini featured above.

I'll leave you with footage I got at the festival, warning its not the best filming.

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  1. Woah. 36 followers? Crazy!
    Mankini guy is scary. Seriously scarred from that experience.
    Good day all round though :)


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