Fashions on the field: Nickelodean Kid's Choice Awards 2010

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Felt super old as I went to write this post cause I hardly knew any of the people on the red carpet! Who are all these new kids? Here are some of the faces I did recognise

Demi Lovato: Keeping it simple in an LBD, like the look but nothing ground breaking.
Katy Perry: She is cute but this dress looks like a primary school dance costume
Rihanna: Very tame compared to the looks she has been sporting recently, although she probably considered the audience when dressing. Nevertheless this was one of my favourites from the night. I really like the top part of it, very 80s vibe. Also love the colour.
Selena Gomez: I love her style, always pretty and age appropriate.
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  1. I like Selena's outfit the most! The hair great! I have too many short layers to pull that off!

    Oh thank you so much for the award!!!


  2. I like your commentary on all the outfits - its so dead on! Love your blog (-:

  3. I loved Selena Gomez yellow dress, so cute!!!

  4. Hi:)
    Lovely comment you left:)
    I like Rihanna...

    That dress was wonderful...

    Bye - SP

  5. Selena looks adorable. I'm actually a big fan of hers and I'm not 12.


Thanks for the comments!