Fashion Spotlight: Fashion Bloggers Part Two

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Part Two of my spotlight on fashion bloggers. Again I hope fashion bloggers are inspired from this post on how to grow their own blog, and for non bloggers you get a little insight into the workings of a fashion blogger (and see our motivation isn't freebies and hopes of fame). Thanks again to La Societe de ModeObsession Isnt Just a PerfumeFashion Whore and  The Sydney Girl for taking part. The final and second part features Obsession Isnt Just a Perfume and Fashion Whore.

What has kept you fashion blogging?
Karen: I have a great love for beauty and fashion. The word "obsession" is in my blog name for a reason. For as long as I can remember I've had a passion for the transformation that comes from using makeup and clothing to express yourself. It makes me happy to share all of my beauty and fashion discoveries with people. I love reading peoples comments on my posts.
Neesha: My readers
How did you build your fellowship? 
Karen: One of the most important ways I have built my fellowship is by becoming friends with other fashion and beauty bloggers. they have been an incredible source of inspiration and support.
Neesha: I visit comment and follow blogs i like and if they like my blog then they'll follow it
What do you think makes your fashion blog unique?
Karen: I think my blog is unique because it is a true expression of myself. Because I am in complete control of all my content I choose to post only the things that move me and that I have a great love for. All my preferences and quirks are there for the world to see and I don't hold back.
Neesha: I blog about things i want to blog about [not what everyone is talking about, and if i do i put my own spin to it] and i just have fun with it.
You have ads/sponsors on your blog, how did this come about? Also would you recommend monetising to other fashion bloggers?
Karen: My affiliation with Shopsense came about while I was searching for images to share with my readers. I chose them because they have such a huge range of products that I could always find what I wanted to share with my followers. I think the one thing I'd tell other bloggers as far as monetising goes is that it is not a huge source of income unless you have a huge following. I chose to do it because these were the products and fashions I was sharing with my readers anyway so why not give them a way to purchase the itEms they have read about on my site immediately.
Your style Inspirations?
KarenThere are so many it would be difficult to choose. All I can say is stay tuned to my blog for my latest inspirations because they are always changing but if I had to choose an inspiration that is most enduring I would choose an era rather than a designer. The Sixties, for me, is the era that modern glamor was born. The clothing, the makeup and the hair are are all just as fabulous and modern looking today as they were in their own time
Neesha: Rihanna's Style
And finally any tips for fellow fashion bloggers?
Karen: The smartest thing I have done for myself and my blog was join the Internet Fashion Bloggers site. I don't think my blog would be what it is today without them. Overnight I became a part of a fashion blogger community I was previously unaware of. That really helps you get through the times when you are unsure or uninspired.Through their site I was also able to learn how to take my beginner blog and turn it in to something more professional. The site seems to answer every question I have about blogging an I highly recommend it! The other thing is just to be patient. I have to tell myself that every day. Great blogs were not built overnight. There is so much hard work that goes in to making them great and that takes time but if the love for it is there then it's all worth it!
Neesha: The key to getting your blog out there [Getting more followers..etc] is to communicate with other bloggers comment, follow etc and also have fun with it. 

I just wanted to finish my spotlight on bloggers by putting in my two cents. I agree with all the featured blogs have said, for your blog to grow you have to get our there. You get back what you give, so get involved in the blogging community. The best advice I can give to a fashion blogger is join Independent Fashion Bloggers, there you will learn everything and anything fashion blogging and discover some great blogs.

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