House in Tillford: Uni Girl's Guide to the Basics

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When my friend requested a post about what to wear to uni I was a little hesitant considering most of the time my decision about what to wear comes down to what is clean and not too wrinkled ( to be fair I make these decisions half asleep when the sun is barely up). But this is not everyone's philosophy when it comes to dressing for uni; another friend was telling me about her almost equation she uses when dressing for class, the variables in this equation being outfit exposure and comfort. And then there are the polar opposites who are quite happy to rock up to class in their PJs.  Personally from my two and a bit years of uni I have learned that the basics are your best friend, a pretty dress is great but when you're in a rush they are the easiest to throw on, co-oridnate and accessorise. Here is my uni/college girl's must have basics:

    Uni Basics
  • A singlet/tank/tee in black and white
  • A long sleeved plain top in black and white
  • Black cardigan ( I don't know  how you can live without one, goes with almost everything and is light enough to carry in your bag in case of weather changes)
  • A thick black coat or jacket
  • A hoodie (this is a staple fashion item for any uni student, preferably a grey one with your uni name written across it)
  • Blue jeans (I prefer skinnies in a darker shade)
  • Thongs (although this may be an aussie thing)
  • Comfy black ballet flats
  • Boots (keep you toasty and dry in winter)
  • Accessory Scarf (i.e. not for actual warmth purposes but to add spunk to your outfit)
So there you go, think of this as your base which can build upon and have fun with. And on mornings when you have hit the snooze button too many times and have five minutes to get ready you know there is something in your closet that you can chuck on without too much thought (lets just hope its clean and not too wrinkled!)

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  1. hahaha hoodie with uni name written across it -- CHECK.

  2. i need to get one, but am undecided since i don't know how long i'll be at mac, although it could be a sentimental thing

  3. Love that coat for winter and would love those boots in black. Haha, I love the idea of rocking up to a class in my PJs. I think that might cause a stir since my PJs are a babydoll. The blouses and tees look comfy.

  4. I want a jacket which reads USYD. Although, I considered getting one from another uni just to bug everyone. Haha :)

  5. Thankyouuu!

    I know exactly who your talking about when you say exposure and comfort!Scarfs: check. Jeans: check. Boots: check. However, I think I might buy a whole bunch of those long sleeved top thingies, and those loose poncho type tops from supre.


  6. the ones that fall off your shoulder myrelle ;)

  7. totally agree! those are the basic items i would go with too! and what time is a better period of your life to wear hoodies than uni? you canNOT get through uni without a hoodie.. especially after a wild saturday night ;) xx


Thanks for the comments!