I like your style: Emma Watson

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She first came into the spotlight as Hermione Granger, today however she is just as known for her sense of style as she is for being part of Harry Potter. And unlike other child stars, she hasn't tried to rid her child star image by dressing like a tart but instead dresses with class and substance, which is a much effective way of proving maturity.

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  1. She's gorgeous, I love the bottom left outfit the best, and the shoes she wore with that dress were so cool. She does act quite mature I agree. Karl Lagerfeld loves her also, she should definetely not change who she is. I just realized you're from Sydney. My cousin lives there haha by Bondi Beach I think. Please check out my blog sometime. xx

  2. likeing her style too :)
    xoxo fashion geek

  3. I think Emma always looks so pretty. I love some of the dresses you have posted. She is so pretty for her age and dresses really well for her age.

  4. I LOVE her style. And you're right, she's shown maturaty by dressing lovely. No lost marbles in her head! I love the Burberry campaign she's done. She's really blossomed into a beautiful woman.


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