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A few weeks ago I was approached to review the jewelry from Jewelry Art Designs, an online store. So that I was able to review it based on something more tangible than the images on the site I was able to choose an item, and it was a pretty difficult choice! I ended up choosing the ring displayed in the image. And now to the review itself:
The Good
- Like I said there is a wide range of items available and there are a lot of unique designs. Take the ring I chose for example, the basic design is quite common but the detailing on the band has made it stand out from others out there.
- Pretty affordable, and for a limited time free postage which is always good
- This is not so much on the jewelry itself but on the company, I love how they have recognised the power of bloggers and have embraced them as part of their marketing
The Bad
- I'm not sure about the other jewelry but for the ring I got the quality is more on the Diva end then the Tiffany's, that being said unlike jewelry from Diva every other girl isn't going be wearing the same thing.
If you are looking for a unique affordable piece of jewelry than I would recommend LuShae but if you are looking for something higher end then look elsewhere

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  1. very good review dear!
    the quality almost always depends on the price:)


Thanks for the comments!