Canberra Trip Report

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We have overseas guests staying at our place at the moment and the typical place to drag overseas guests is to our nation's capital: Canberra. So we packed up the tribe and left before the sun had risen Sunday morning. The drive from Sydney to Canberra is approximately three hours, and for those new to the country it gives you a good look at the Australian landscape as you pass many farms, including a wind farm. There is also a chance of spotting kangaroos and wombats (although you are more likely to spot them lying on the side of the road, a victim of the traffic). I feel like I've been to Canberra a thousand times but even I appreciated how picture-esque it was as you enter the city.The first stop was Parliament House (pictured above), your one stop stop for everything Australian politics. Entry is free and you are able to wonder around yourself or take a guided tour. If you do go make sure you go up to the roof, the view is amazing:

Our next stop was the War Memorial. I think I'm a little opposed to this being such a tourist destination, after seeing Japanese tourists posing happily next to the statue of Simpson and his donkey, it really demeans what the memorial is about. As you enter the Memorial you comes across the below scene. The gorgeous roman-esque building houses the Unknown Soldier, a symbol of all the Australian soldiers who have died in war . The roof is beautiful so take a look up if you go in. Besides the building you can find the Roll of Honour, which has all the names of Australia's war dead.

Because it was Easter Sunday most of the restaurants were closed so we had to settle for the food court in Canberra Centre. Now you wouldn't go to Canberra to shop but if you happen to be there and do get the need then this would be the place. It is just like your regular shopping centre (very similar to a Westfields) housing stores such as David Jones, Target, French Connection and Forever New.

Now let's bring in fashion. Canberra is typically colder than Sydney so bringing a jacket is a must. I found the weather really annoying that day in that it kept changing from warm, to slightly cold to very cold. I was grateful that I bought both a cardigan and my thicker Cooper St jacket. The rest of my outfit consisted of a loose studded racer back top from Cotton On (DFO), black skinnies, brown boots and my trusty vintage Bolle wayfares.

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  1. It's very interesting learning about and seeing the photos of Canberra. I hadn't heard that much about it compared to some of the other cities. I'll be have to mindful of the temperature changes when selecting a wardrobe if I ever visit down under. Looks like you did it nicely.

  2. my parents live in Canberra, I like walking around the lake then going to the art gallery. and what a shame you had to resort to a food court! there's some good outdoor eating to be had in the city.

  3. oh love your outfit here! I've never been to Australia but have always wanted to (and will) go!


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