Fashion Spotlight: Rosemount Australian Fashion Week Day One

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Its finally here! While I'm banging my head against the table trying to figure out how to attack the pile of assignments I have due this week, fashionistas from around the world are gathering to watch the spectacular shows. Day One just ended so I don't have all the shows covered but here's the wrap up so far (if you are wondering where Camille, one of the more talked about shows from the day is, I haven't included it as I will be seeing the catwalk live in two weeks so thought I'd save it until then).

Lisa Ho
After Esther's beautiful dress from last night I eagerly opened  up the pictures from the shows, to be severely disappointed! Beige + brown= boring and aging, although I have read people describing the colour scheme as nude which has more fashionable connotations. Yes there was the occasional splash of blue and purple but most of it was dull and unflattering (just take a look at that white top and beige/brown skirt). That being said I did like the two last outfits pictured (is that esther's dress?).

Ginger & Smart
"This collection is inspired by this blissful moment of wakefulness and of future beauty". And you can really see that coming through: the floaty fabrics, no harsh colours, futuristic prints. The best thing about this collection was that I was looking through pictures thinking I would wear that.

If Bassike's show is anything to go by my trend forecast reads a little like a Shania Twain song: Man's shirts, shorts skirt, oh and denim on denim (I still haven't warmed to that trend) and black and white stripes.

images courtesy of Marie Claire

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  1. Enjoy the shows - can't wait to see your pics from the live catwalk in 2 weeks - awesome!

  2. I'm really liking Ginger and smart this year... keep up the coverage!


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