Fashion Spotlight: Rosemount Australian Fashion Week Days Three to Five

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RAFW is over! I know my title says days three to five but techincally its only going to be up to day three, mainly because there wasn't as many big name designers today and I will be seeing Hussy in a little over a week in the flesh so will cover them then. Now moving onto to some of the big collections from the past few days

Alice McCall
This quirky fun label delivered a collection that although wasn't  groundbreaking was cute and wearable featuring florals, prints and of course nudes. Images courtesy of FabSugar.

Jayson Brunsdon
I was eagerly anticipating seeing footage from Jayson Brunsdon's show and it did not dissappoint. The collection delivered refined, classic, beautiful designs that he is known for. Definitely one of my favourites from RAFW and left me craving for warmer weather.

Ok for these last two designers thought I would do something a little different, I found these great videos on Marie Claire which features footage from the show plus the designer and Editor Jackie discussing it, great insight.

Romance Was Born
This label I think is a little too out there for me when you see it all together although I can appreciate the artistic exploration and the show seemed very theatrical.

Kirrily Johnston
When I first saw this collection I wasn't a fan but its grown on me, I like the patterns and surprisingly even the brown and orange and just the overall jungle theme.

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  1. I like McCall's stuff a lot! would definitely wear the clothes.

  2. Love the McCall designs!!! Very beautyfull!!!

  3. the jayson brunsdon dress with the orange trim is SO LOVELY. I want it. and I'm not really into romance was born either, sometimes I feel like the only one!

  4. I love the McCall dresses, as well as the first one from Jayson Brunsdon :D

    PS: I love your blog entries! I've started following you btw. <3

    Lovelots, Lee

  5. Are you in Aus? I just cam back from there! I was home for 5 days! Its so lovely in OZ I really do miss it sometimes! Thanks also for your comment!


Thanks for the comments!