Fashion Rant: A love letter to beanies and berets

By 8:29 PM ,

In the cold days you keep my head warm and add a touch of colour to my outfit. But it has only been in these past few days that I have truly discovered my appreciation for you, humble head accessory. In this week of grey grey skies and buckets of continuous rain you have gone beyond expectations. You have let me step out of the house with a sense of ease that I otherwise would not have. As I position you upon my head in the mornings I know that I can go about day with confidence that despite the rain that you will keep my hair dry and fight along side me against the frizz monster. From the bottom of my heart, and on the behalf of other curly haired girls partial to hair straightening, we love you berets and beanies.

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  1. I love them too, but I can't wear them 'cause I look weird with something on my head...
    not fair:(

  2. I live in almost perpetual summer so unfortunately can't get much use out of beanies or berets. I do admit though that they add a cute and chic factor to any outfit!
    Red beanie, glasses and scarf, who is that girl in the second picture?? It's so cute.

  3. I love berets. So uber swish.
    AND ZOOEY! :)

  4. I love beanies - wish they looked good on me!


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