Fashions on the field: MTV Movie Awards 2010

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I think I must have been living under a rock made of textbooks and lecture notes because I didn't even know the MTV movies awards were on today. The looks sported on the red carpet were a mix of  fresh and young plus a few misses.

My Favourites:

No surprises Whitney Port is on the best dressed list, always looks great.  Also like the number Scarlett Johansson wore.

Missed the Mark:

I love jumpsuits and I like shiny things but not loving Linsday Lohan's outfit. As you may have noticed in a previous post, I'm quite a fan of Vanessa Hudgen's style but I was disappointed when I saw her nightie-like dress.

Other cute looks of note:

Stephanie Pratt ( I know not everyone will like it but I'm digging it), Lucy Hale,  Katy Perry (I didn't like this dress at first but I think it must have been the blue distracting me because it has grown on me) and Julianne Hough.

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  1. Wow, Lindsay... does she think she's immune to scrutiny and criticism? She looks HORRIBLE! Yikes...
    I'm liking the colors Whitney and Scarlett wore... it's refreshing to see something new like that, especially now that's it's (almost officially) summer!


  2. Oh I love what Scarlett is wearing....
    BTW I'm your new follower from 20SB! Check out my blog!

  3. I found you on 20sb and am now following you! Thanks for all the fashion photos - I missed the mtv awards as well. Must not have been too much promoting this year. Here's the link to my blog, would love for you to follow! Thanks :)

  4. Oh oh...
    Port and Johansson are definitely a copy of Blake Lively! Am I wrong?!? XP!
    Fantastic blog so I follow you!

  5. Yes, it´s a shame, that I broke my dress, while ironing!. I was really angry with myself.
    But I´ll find a way to repair it!
    It´s allways a pleasure to stop by at your blog.
    many greetings.

  6. I liked those two looks too, and also the other girls from the hills!

    ps. I have an award for you on my blog!

  7. Love your choices for best dressed <3
    they are all beautiful, and I like Stephanie too...
    great blog :)

    MON CHER !

  8. Hello!

  9. Stephanie Pratt looked gorge! Lindsay Lohan looked like she was on drugs...

  10. I really loved Scarlett's dress. She looks much better as her natural blondeness... Lindsay and Vanessa were definitely lacking in the "support" area.


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