Guide to packing and travelling to countries such as Sri Lanka

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In exactly a month from now I will be on a plane on my way to Sri Lanka for a much needed holiday! My family and I go there once every three or four years and it may be globalisation or that fact that being different ages makes me see things differently but each time I go over it feels like its different. And this time in addition to my family, my friend B is joining us. With the departure date nearing we have been discussing what to pack, and I think a lot of the questions my friend has had (such as what kind of clothes to pack) may be similar to others travelling to Sri Lanka and countries nearing so welcome to this post where I shall attempt to clear some queries.

What to wear?
Sri Lanka is fairly conservative when you compare it to westernised countries such as Australia, that being said if you are travelling there there is no need to buy yourself a whole new conservative wardrobe in fears of being judged or offending. They are pretty accepting and won't be phased by your outfits and will just pass you off as a tourist (even people like me who are Lanks and look like locals). However if you are planning on visiting religious places such as temples I would highly recommend packing at least one outfit that is sleeved and goes to your knees. Religious places are more stricter about dress. And to stick out less like a tourist I would suggest wearing lighter colours as locals do tend to wear white to temples.Other than that I would suggest clothes that are light and breatheable because it gets hot (although apparently in the Hill Country it is cooler so pack a cardigan).

What else to pack?
I have naturally curly hair and the weather over there is my worst enemy and if you have curly hair you too may find yourself fighting the frizz. I've tried straightening it over there, but five minutes later it's crazy again so my best advice is try and work with it. So pack a few products that will help you embrace the curl, such as moisturisers and mousses. If that fails then putting it up in a bun will not only help you manage but keep you cool.
Another thing I would highly highly recommend you pack is insect repellent. They have coils and mosquito nets but your best bet for when you are out and about is spray. Go buy and pack right now! Another thing in relation to health I would suggest taking is something that works for you when you get food poisoning. Just for piece of mind so you can enjoy the food and know you have something in case it doesn't agree with you.

So I hope that was somewhat helpful, keep an eye out on my blog for more tip and to hear about my adventures in Lanks.

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  1. Oooh your soo lucky to be going in a month..I know how you feel - I really need a holiday. I go back to South Africa about every 3 to 4 years and it alaways feels different yet familar....but you feel like it's moving on and up. Hope you have a great time and I look forward to seeing some travel pics :)

    Laura x

  2. I'm excited about your posts from overseas! :)
    Not long to go. Bet the countdown has well and truly begun.

    Hopefully food poisoning won't be too much of an issue. Are you usually affected by it - as in, with past trips?

  3. Travel is the best thing you could do!!

    Our brand new blog, and our first. Take a peek.

    best regards from Sweden


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