House in Tillford: The Final Countdown

By 11:20 AM ,

These are last days before we fly off (this time next week I will be in Sri Lanka!), and our house looks a little crazy; suitcases everywhere as you can see. This is my outfit I will be wearing on the flight (minus a black cardigan), its comfy enough for the long flight, and pretty simple so I won't look a mess when I get off the plane. Plus its fairly transeasonal, I'll be warm here and on the flight but won't boil during our stopover in Singapore and our final destination (and I can always just take off the stockings).

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  1. awh blees have fun in sri Lanka :) and lovely dress too :)
    xo tobes keep in touch

  2. I wish you much fun there in Sri Lanke. This dress is very cute and fits you perfectly!!!!!
    many greetings
    Eye from Orchid Style

  3. I always dress super dag for a flight coz i know by the end of it i'm gonna have drooled/slept all over it. xP

    But love your dress!Very pretty =D

  4. thank you for your comment! I enjoyed reading your blog, you write very well <3

  5. we're both travelling soon! yay! hope you have an awesome time! xxx


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