Galle, Sri Lanka

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Sunday morning we left Colombo for beach town Galle, although it is about 100km away the drive can take up to three hours so it is best to leave early to avoid traffic. Galle is much more a tourist destination than Colombo with its beaches, ramparts and old Dutch buildings. We are staying at my Grandmother's house which is known to tourists as guest house Beach Haven, so B stood out less not being the only "sutha" (white person). As eager as I was to hit the beach the weather was less than ideal; pouring rain and rough seas. When the rain cleared we went to for a walk around Fort admiring the old Dutch buildings and later in the afternoon  went exploring the ramparts.

For dinner we went to Lighthouse Hotel, which is one of the big fancy hotels in town (rooms costing around $500US a night) and is located right by the sea. There we filled our stomachs with Nasi Goreng, whilst listening to the water crash against the rocks.
The next day was another grey one but we did start the day with a chartiable act by saving two baby cows from slaughter and giving them to a farmer. It was such a sad sight because they were clearly terrified and aware of the fate so nice to know that they will be ok. And like the day before the rain once again cleared so we hit the beach. The beach we went to is not that large nor picture-eque but still a beach is a beach. Later in the afternoon we went to the Ramparts again, this time we were lucky enough to see the cliff jumpers. These are a group of guys who are famous around town and even mentioned in a few guide books who, for money, jump off a cliff into the water (narrowly missing rocks). After reading Twilight you can't help but be reminded of the wolf pack. We finished off the day with some DIY fireworks, there is less variety to choose from these days as there are no holidays and they are harder to find but we did source some and they only cost 5 rupees each!

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