Singapore Stopover and Colombo Day One

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After an eight hour flight from Sydney we arrived in Singapore for our five hour stopover, long enough to be a pain but not long enough to be worth leaving the airport. However the stop-over wasn't as bad as I had anticipated, mainly because Chengi airport is designed to be the ulimate stopover airport with theatres, shops, game and internet stations, theatres etc. We were in terminal three, on the roof there is a sunflower garden which is kinda surreal because of how the huge mechanical planes juxtopose with the bright yellow flowers. And of course we took advantage of the free internet stations, there is a fifeteen minute time limit though which was kind of annoying. B and I also browsed the many designer stores such as Mui Mui, Burberry, Prada etc. I always feels a little sheepish as I step into such stores, knowing that I can't afford it and as if the sales staff can also sense I have no intention of buying anything but nevertheless it feels so glam being around such high class fashion.

We then boarded our three hour flight to Colombo. Because we arrived at like 2am it was pretty much straight to bed, so the 2nd of July was really our first actual day. Since we were all a bit tired we decided to have a "relaxing" day, a day despite it's intentions consisted of two shopping trips, numerous three wheeler aka tuk tuk rides (of which we crammed four of us into one, so half my body was sticking out) and a hectic 1km walk through the heavy traffic which is quite an adventure considering no one here follows road rules and it is like every man for themselves. That was pretty much the first day, nothing of note but we still dived straight into Sri Lankan living.

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