Sri Lanka. In Pictures

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I just got back from my month long holiday in Sri Lanka, I am exhausted and even though the time difference is not that huge (four and a half hours) I'm feeling a little jet lagged. I'm going to continue with my posts about my travels but will most likely spread them out and mix them in with more fashion posts. In the meantime I wanted to share some pictures, I love photography but usually am more focused on capturing people, moments and memories than sceneries and such but I was a little inspired on my holiday and by a photography book I picked up over there, so here are some of my pieces.

Stick fisherman

Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage


Tea Field

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  1. Whats exactly is going on in that first picture? Is that noy fishing? What is he sitting in? Anyways, very cool and interesting pictures!

  2. sooo beautiful!!


  3. again what cool pictures!!!
    That is such a neat way to fish!! haha

    I cant wait to go travelling!!! Looks so interesting x


Thanks for the comments!