The Zoo and Dragons in Colombo

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On Saturday we ventured off to Dehiwala Zoo, although it is not typically a tourist destination it was actually o the guide on the plane that informed us of the elephant show that was an attraction in Colombo. After talking to family that live here they also alerted us to a Sea Lion show that they heard was good. The sea lion show starts at four and goes for like 15 minutes and the elephant show starts at 4.30, because we went on a Saturday it was really crowed which hindered our experience so I would recommend going on a weekday. The Sea Lion show was average, in my opinion the one at Sea World, Queensland was better but the elephant show was enjoyable with four elephants performing numerous tricks. According to locals you should give yourself like four hours to see everything although we only took two hours (mostly because we were tired and did skip the reptiles and some of the birds). The highlight of the zoo for me were the big cats such as the lions and the leopards. Its kind of insane standing that close to a lion. And unlike the Zoos in Australia the security is quite low, for example the lions cage had bars that were quite spread out and around that was a knee level fence, so if you wanted to it would be easy to pet a big cat, I suppose they rely on the fact that no one would be stupid enough to.

For dinner we went to Chinese Dragon, we went here to eat last time we came to Sri Lanka and I have been craving the fried cuttlefish since we left  and it did not disappoint.

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