Fashion Spotlight: Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival Day Three

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I actually wasn't planning on attending or covering RSFF this year but then I was lucky enough to win tickets from for the Peter Morresiey show so off I trekked to the city today with my friend Hima. Reading a little bit about the show I was quite excited after learning that this was his first time back on the catwalk since closing down his business last year and that he hasn't actually shown a collection on the runway in seven years, so bit of a comeback. The line he was showing was actually his line for Big W. Before his show was Dr Rey Shapewear and Mensfit.

Dr Rey Shapewear
Liked the quirky accessories and the models weren't the usual super skinny girls you would expect to see on a catwalk but I suppose shapewear would actually need models who have curves.

Well what can I say about this, I'm not going to even attempt to make some kind of style comment. Enjoy the pictures.

Peter Morrissey
The main event. Both his "Woman" and "Man" collections were in the show and in all honesty it wasn't super exciting although I suppose it was made for Big W and meant to be affordable. One of the highlights of the shows was that I got a little starstruck by seeing Samantha Harris on the runway.

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  1. Woah. What an impressive post. Sounds like a really exciting fashion adventure! :)
    Mmm. Mensfit. Love. Haha :)

    Hope you and Hima had fun!


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