House in Tillford: My first experience of a fashion festival

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As you may or may not have read in my previous post I was lucky enough to win tickets to Peter Morrissey's show at Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival, this would be the first ever fashion week-esque event that I have ever attended so it is not a suprise I was excited. After I had found a friend to go with my thoughts immediately went to what would should I wear. As I has never been to such an event before and nothing I owned was really designer so I was at a loss, but finally I decided on an outfit (blue mini dress with ruched sleeves and heeled lace up ankle boots). But even as I made my way to the city the day of the show I was still unsure; was I overdressed? Or underdressed? And why are my heels killing my legs and disabling my ability to walk?

As my friend and I entered (well i hobbled/limped into) the building where it was held it was a little surprising, from the outside it looked small and we thought we would be walking straight into runway area but instead we met a showroom with various stands, a bar and "fashion people". We wondered around taking in the sights and ended up in what I think was the VIP bar area. And although you think it would be glamorous being around all the industry people it was slightly intimidating and we thought it was obvious that we were newbie uni students so soon left to explore the showroom some more. Throughout the time we were in the showroom my friend was urging me to interview some people for the blog but I was way too intimidated, but really I did waste the opportunity especially at the Famous magazine stand. As we walked past the stand one of the ladies manning it called us over to enter their style contest they were running; all you had to do was get your picture taken (see mine below, it is a bit horrid and I look slightly scared) and that the fashion editors from the magazine were there and keen to answer questions but once again I chickened out. Actually during the show I did build courage and thought of a few questions, unfortunately when the show ends you exit a different way and don't go back into the showroom.

Soon after we entered the runway area and were seated. I was quite keen to spot some celebs and eagerly scanned the front row, I did spot Bessie Bardot, Clayton Watson (from Always Greener and Out of the Blue) and Renai Caruso (Out of the Blue). Then the room darkened and the show began, to read more about the actual collections click here. After the show we went through an exit that led us outside the building where we were met with the closest experience of paparazzi I have ever had with photographers and camera crews gathered around the exit. My friend and I were pretty excited to be asked our opinions about the Peter Morrissey show by the Today show, if you are interested in watching it you can see it here, just play the video labelled Peter Morrissey.

So on a whole my experience was pretty enjoyable and I walked away with few goodies, plus 2 seconds of airtime. For any bloggers I would advise that you don't be intimidated and do use the opportunity to interview people and snap some pictures otherwise you'll probably regret it. In terms of what to wear, I definitely didn't feel overdressed so I would say dress up but don't look like you are heading to your school formal. Oh and be 100% sure you can walk in the shoes you choose to wear!

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  1. Like your blog. :) hope you will become a follower of my blog too?

  2. lucky yoyu!!! I would love to go to something like that!!!

  3. you look beautiful


  4. I love how the first worry is what to wear! I hope to eventually get to some awesome fashion events one day.. Too bad my area is like retirement home status.. the only semi-fashion is cougars..

  5. Oooh I love fashion shows!! Hope you had loads of fun :)

    Laura x

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  7. Your so lucky :)


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