I like your style: Lea Michele

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Everytime I've featured Lea Michele before from a red carpet event I've raved about her style so it is about time she gets her own feature.  And the formula to her style is not that overly complicated; pretty dress + glam hair - OTT make up or accessories = Lea's style. If you look at all the images her look is all about the dress and everything else is fairly simple so the dress remains in the spotlight, and because the dresses are always cute so is her look.

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  1. This girl is really impressing me with her style which she's obviously very confident/comfortable with. Looking forward to seeing more of her around.

    Florrie x

  2. the last black dress in the first section and the yellow dress in the second setion are amazing. seriously, i can't find anything in these looks that i don't like. even her hair looks great!


  3. I love that white lace one sleeve dress. I love that she keeps it simple without the accessories.. for me, i'd probably go a bit overboard w/ accessorizing.. nice to see someone look cute and glam yet simple.


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