Kandy, Sri Lanka

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We left for Kandy from Colombo and on our way we stopped by Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage which I would highly recommend visiting. Entry for foreign adults costs 2000Rs (about $20AUD), which is cheap but when you compare it to local adults seems extreme, for locals it is only 50Rs ( a bit over 50cents)! This is how is it is for most tourist places, one price for locals and another more expensive one for foreigners, which at first look seems a bit unfair but locals say Sri Lanka is a developing country and must make money from tourism and know tourists can afford those prices. They also charge you for bringing cameras, although I am not sure how much because they didn't charge us. We got in time to watch two baby elephants being bottle fed (this happens at 9.15, 13.15 and 17.00). After this we walked up a little bit and came across an amazing site; the whole herd of elephants grazing in front of the backdrop of forest. It truly was spectacular to be so close to so many elephants. We were then told to head across the street to the river where we would soon be  met by the herd as they took their bath, the herd leaves for the river at 10am and 2pm and stay for about two hours. This was another amazing sight as the whole herd walks past you, and then frolics in the water, again with picturesque backdrop. Highly highly recommend going.

 We then headed to our hotel in Kandy, Hotel Thilanka. We stayed here last time we visited Sri Lanka and this time we got a suite which was quite fancy. The hotel is quite nice with a range of rooms, a pool, a Ayurveda Spa and an impressive view (the hotel looks over the town) but the best thing about this hotel you won't find on their site. The best thing is being woken up to find monkeys on your balcony and around the grounds of the hotel. So lovely waking up and hand feeding them but be careful as they are wild, and also don't leave anything on the balcony as we saw them stealing clothes off the balconies of guests. Naughty behaviour aside it was fun feeding them and a lot of the monkeys had babies with them which was very cute.
Monkeys chilling by the pool, Hotel Thilanka

One of the main attractions of Kandy is the Temple of the Tooth which we visited at night, which is when it is supposed to be the prettiest. Be warned that they are very strict about what you wear to this temple, I wore a modest sleeved white dress that came halfway down my knees and they said that was a problem and made me wrap my cardigan around my waist. 

Temple of the Tooth, Kandy

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  1. oh lovely pictures. i want to travel so much now, maybe even to sri lanka.


  2. argh I love elephants! that sounds like such an amazing day. hate monkeys though, dirty little thieves! ha.


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