Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

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Instead of staying in Sigiriya we stayed in Kandy and made the drive there in the morning. We left Thilanka Hotel at around 8.30 and the drive took about 2.5 hours, would of probably been wiser to have left earlier because it was already scorching when we got there and the later you go the hotter it is and the more the rock heats up which makes climbing up the 1200 steps even more difficult. Another thing that makes the climb harder is that the steps are tiny so there were points where we were climbing up it sideways. Another thing you will notice if you go is the number of "guides" who try and attach to you along the way, in the last part of our climb the rest of my family stopped at the feet of the lion ( I wouldn't be suprised if this is a common place where people give up on the climb as I noticed a few others also doing so) so it was only B and I who continued, this is when a guide attached to us. It can be a little annoying if you wanted to do it solo but we didn't actually mind because both of us knew nothing of the history so if the guide hadn't been there everything would have been ruins rather than the king's pool, the throne, the dancing area etc. It is pretty surreal to imagine what used to be, oh and the view is pretty impressive. After giving us a tour of the top the guide explained that he was poor, needed to feed his family etc i.e. asked to be paid, unsure of how much to pay him B gave him 1000rupees, later talking to family this was apparently quite generous.

B and I in front of Sigiriya

At the top

After we recovered from the climb we piled back into the van and headed towards Jetwing's hotel Vil Uyana (located close to Sigiriya) for lunch. This place is stunning, set on a man made lake with 25 hut like houses, it feels like you have stepped into a luxurious village. So gorgeous I couldn't resist snapping away, see the snaps below. And the lunch was super tasty too. Would recommend this place for couples who want to relax, want  a bit of nature and luxury and are willing to spend a little extra. 

Library, Vil Uyana


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  1. WOW! That looks gorgeous!!! And that food looks delish, would be such an interesting place to visit. I cant imagine such poverty- ive heard it's hard with people like that man, that you often dont realise you have gotten yourself into a situation where your supposed to pay!!!
    Its nice you gave him so much tho - poor man, must be so hard!!!

    thanks for visiting my blog! - come back, we try and update everyday xxx


  2. Amazing post you have got right there . as a Sri lankan im very impressed about you .


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