Fashions on the field: Brownlow Medal

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The Brownlow is a night to celebrate AFL but the spotlight shines just as brightly on the WAGs and their fashions as it does on the players. Usually the decision of what is worn on the big night appears to be based on what reveals the most flesh than style but this year there were surprisingly more demure classic dresses than shockers.

Jacinta Jellet:  Even though the white Alex Perry dress is fairly simple I really like it, fits her well.
Lucy: First glance at this dress and it is easily recognised as a Josh Goot number but a little casual for such an event don't you think?
Lauren Phillips: I don't know if it is the picture but the bottom of the dress seems a little unflattering but other than that I like the cut of the top, the hair and the necklace

Rebecca Twigley: I love it until it gets to the bottom the dress, not a fan of ruffles.
Kate Chivers: This was my favourite from the night, so it was a shame I couldn't find a better picture but the dress is beautiful
Byrnne Edelsten: How could I write this post without featuring her, her outfit was the most eagerly anticipated and she didn't dissappoint wearing a very "Brynne" dress with a detachable skirt.

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  1. i thought kylie brown was best dressed!

  2. I thought Lauren tillford looked stunning on tv. Love the classics

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  3. LOVE these images!!


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