Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

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Guide books and tourism sites describe Nuwara Eliya as Little England, however if you, like me, go envisioning old english architecture, you may initially be a little disappointed. Driving into the town it seemed like any Sri Lankan town, with one exception: the cold, which is a contrast to the humid, hot weather you experience anywhere else in Sri Lanka. As we drove up the hills (which is a pretty stunning view as you look down at the patterned tea fields, spotting the odd tea picker) I began to wonder if it was just the weather that was like England but as we reached our hotel, Grand Hotel, and as you drive further up you can see the influences in the architecture. 

Before we went to the hotel we stopped by Mackwoods Tea Estate for a guided tour around the tea factory and learnt the process of how tea is made from bud to bag. After the tour, we browsed the little store and had some tea and cake at the cafe (well I posed for pictures pretending to drink tea as I don't actually like the taste of tea). We then headed to our hotel, Grand Hotel. Let me tell you the name is definitely appropriate. It's like stepping into the Titanic, total luxury with old glamour feel. And the dinner buffet was so impressive, by far the best that we've seen on our stay. The only down side of our stay was the noise, when we checked in  there was this irritating noise which after investigating, we discovered was the launder-mat, they did offer to change our room and did apologise profusely and kept checking on us, so they did handle it well. But that wasn't the only noise problem we had, the next morning at 5am we were awoken by the noise of children shouting and running up and down the hallways which they continued to do until we gave up and got out of bed at 6, not the hotels fault though but still irritates me when I think about it.  

I actually don't know if there is that much to do at Nuwara Eliya, and with grey skies and cold weather you really just feeling like lounging around in the luxury. However we did visit Hakgala gardens, which at times felt like you were walking through a forest (complete with monkeys). Very green and serene and totally photographic.

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