Bargain Hunter: Button N Thread Dresses for under $80

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Special post today as I combine fashion spotlight and bargain hunter. Recently I was introduced to an Australian online boutique, Button N Thread and as I was browsing around I found lots of great items for under $100, actually most of the items are under $100,  and in the spirit of Frocktober (which I know is technically over but ah well) I bring you some of  my bargain frock finds, although plenty of other bargains to be had online.

Dresses for under $80

1. This is their Barbie dress, also comes in grey but I prefer the navy blue. Although Gossip Girl's Blake Lively has been pictured in the grey version. Price: $59.00
2. The second white satin dress is only $29, yup $29! I was so tempted just because it was such a bargain (then I had to remind myself that I have far too many cocktail dress, half which haven't even been worn)
3. How cute is this dress- love the full skirt, the stripes and the shoulders. Price: $39.00
4. Every girl should have an LBD and this Cue structured one is perfect. Price: $39.00
5. Lace is oh so very now, there is similar one with shorter sleeves also available. Both are $79.00
6. This one has been seen on Leighton Meester. 'Nough Said, oh except it also comes in yellow. Price: $69.00

Ok from the month of November until the end of December Button N Thread will be offering members free delivery, free gift wrapping AND free accessories.

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  1. great deals on pretty dresses
    come follow xo

  2. That first dress is cute!

    PS. My designs are now available for sale!

  3. love all these!!!


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