Bargain Hunter: How to Spot a Designer Knock-Off

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About a month ago my friend and I went op shop shopping- my first ever time. I know vintage has been all the rage for the past few years but I'm still a little weird about wearing clothes worn by others but I was motivated by the idea of finding unique items or a high class designer item for a fraction of the price. So searching around it seemed that St Vincent de Paul on Oxford St in Paddington was the place to hit (plus it is just a short bus ride away from Bondi Junction Westfield). Although I didn't find a Chanel bag for $10 my friend did spot a "Louis Vuitton" bag. We stood at the register for a good five minutes analysing the pattern, the stitching and the zip trying to figure out if it was real or just a really good knock off, eventually she put it back because we couldn't decide. So the point of that story was to introduce the topic of today's post- how tell if its the real deal or a knock off when you're buying second hand. Here are some good tips I found:
  • An obvious sign is the quality if its the real deal it won't be made of cheap material. Although there are some pretty good knock offs out there that are made of real leather, to tell these apart the knock offs are typically very stiff and sometimes the leather is uneven.
  • Take a look at the stitching, designer labels won't have crooked stitching. A good tip is to examine the stitching in less visible areas such as the pockets.
  • Knowing where the label is made will help you out e.g. An french label but the jacket says made in China- good indicator that it is fake.
  • Play close attention to the logo and signatures- if its uneven, upside down, backwards or has lettering missing it can help identify a fake. Another tip is regards is examining logo, it should continue on the sides not be cut in half.
  • If you are buying from it ebay check if comes with the authenticity certificate, if the seller is the original owner they may have kept it. (Obviously only the high end labels come with a certificate if its Country Road bag for example don't expect anything).
  • Even armed with all of this it can still be hard to tell the difference, if you are desperate to know your best bet is to compare it to the real thing.
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    1. The key is when in doubt, don't buy it, there's nothing worse than paying that much for a knock off. I've got all my notes on spotting Mulberry, Chanel, Gucci and Vuitton too. also how to spot a vintage fake (because many desigeners change labels and logos)

      Great notes

    2. I'm with you - i get wierded out sometimes in vintage stores. thanks for the tips on spotting the fakes!


    Thanks for the comments!