Fashion Spotlight: Summer Music Festivals 2

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My last post on summer music festival fashion is one of my most popular posts to date so I thought I'd do another with more inspiration.

I totally love this outfit below, so boho summer. And pretty easy to recreate: a pair of cut off shorts add  a loose white tank and a fringed vest. And although I do love the floppy hat I probably wouldn't wear it to a festival, I could see it getting in peoples' way or getting lost. Plus the heeled boot would also have to go.

Rachel and Whitney both have a pretty simple outfits: cute shorts, cool top and sunnies, yet it is not only stylish but will also keep them cool and comfy through the long day. Although I would advise wearing enclosed shoes rather than sandals, unless you like the feeling of feet covered in beer and dirt.

This year when I went to Future Music Festival, the weather was predicted to be rainy and cool- it ended up being a scorching hot day and I suffered in my long wet look leggings and envied those in shorts. Looking at Dita's outfit just reminds me of that. That being said the year before, when I went to Good Vibrations, it rained and was freezing and I felt quite smug when I saw girls in bikinis (why do people wear them to festivals! its not the beach) and shorts. So the moral of that story is be as weather wise as you can and let the weather be a priority in deciding your outfit, plus always pack a poncho.

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  1. I'm not a big music fest person but I guess I'd go for a simple cotton dress.


  2. Great post! Loved all the outfits, excepts Whitneys?? And Dita von Teese's pants were weird, but the rest of everything looked cool and festival smart.


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