Thursday, January 21, 2010

I like your style: Lauren Conrad

Since Lauren's depature from The Hills, the show has had a bigger focus on cat fights than on fashion. We no longer get a peek into the world of the fashion industry nor do we get to see the groomed, girly, perfectly accessorized stylings of Miss Conrad. Now you may not be a fan of the show but how many of us have wanted to copy Lauren's hair (e.g. the hairline braid) or maybe crushed on her Chanel handbag or personalised name ring? Hope these images fill a little of the LC fashion void.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fashions on the field: Golden Globes 2010

Found out they are not screening the Golden Globes on non-pay TV, and got to say was not that crushed. However I wish they would show the red carpet, that is my favourite part. Lets have a look at some of the fashions sported this year.

Sandra Bullock. The bottom of this Botteg Vennetta gown looks like it's part of a child's princess costume, not feeling this dress.
Chloe Sevigny. I know she's a fashion It girl. I know it's Valentino and I even know she is one a best dressed list but I don't like it. Maybe it's the colour or the ruffles, not a fan.
Lea Michele. I didn't even recognise Glee's "Rachel", she looks stunning in this Oscar de la Renta gown, it demands attention. And I love that she went all out for what I would assume to be her first Golden Globes.
Maggie Gyllenhaal. This dress is really pretty but it makes her look washed out.
Fergie. I love Grecian dresses, and this is no exception although perhaps a touch more of silver would of enhanced the outfit.
Chace Crawford. Looking hot in Dolce Gabana, love a boy in a skinny tie. Although when does the Gossip Girl not look hot?
Natalie Mark. a.k.a Sam Worthington's girlfriend. I love this dress, in particular the strap.
Kristen Bell. Been a fan of Kristen since Veronica Mars and she is looking beautiful in this simple white strapless number.
Dianna Agron. Another Glee girl looking glam, shame the rain left wet stains on the dress.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fashion Rant: Ed Hardy

Mullets, wife beaters and flannel used to be seen as the staples of a bogan (for those of you who don't know what a bogan is think Trailer Trash, Redneck). Well last year Aussie site Things Bogans Like (based on American site, Stuff White People Like) released a list consisting of the loves of CUBs (cashed up Bogans). The list included Boost Juice, "getting huge" (i.e. bulking up at the gym) and Ed Hardy. Now some of the items on the list I have to disagree with like Boost, don't know how over priced juice is bogan since people of all demographics drink it but I wholeheartedly agree with Ed Hardy being on the list. I do not get what the appeal of Ed Hardy is at all. OTT is all I see, the bedazzling, the tattoo design Erk. Why would anyone pay so much? However there seems to be a split in opinion, type Ed Hardy into facebook search and for every "Thanks to Ed Hardy I recognize morons right away" group there is a Ed Hardy fan page(although I couldn't help but notice that the haters have more members than the fan pages). So what do you think? Ed Hardy, a yay or ney?
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Friday, January 15, 2010

I like your style: MODs

Models off duty are some of the most stylish people around, they have perfected casual wear to an art. One of the first models I looked to as a style icon was Kate Moss, she made me want to buy vests, striped tops and ballet flats.

A newer faces that can be found on style pages across the world is Chanel Iman.

Some other MODs to keep an eye on are Lilly Donaldson, Anja Rubik and Lilly Cole
And it isn't just international models that have style. Aussie gal Miranda Kerr has more of a  simple style consisting of blazers, jeans and cute dress which results in an effortless chic image.


Looking at these images it seems the key to achieving the look of MODs is perfecting the art of layering. And if you could look into the wardrobe of these models I can guess you would find lots of black, greys and whites, having a few basic colours running through your wardrobe makes it much easier to mix and match your outfits. Finally, and I apologise in advance for the corniness, but what separates MODs is their air of confidence.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Summer Weekend Getaway

I'm escaping for three days to a beach house near Terrigal. I think the key when packing for a short get away is to pack light, and for a beach trip, anything that shouts summer and is quick to get on and off between trips to the beach. Here is my packing list, fashion wise. I'm obviously also a little obsessed with Polyvore.

Summe Holiday

Summe Holiday by Shila11 

Into my country road bag goes:

Swimmers: an obvious on a beach getaway
Kaftan: to wear on the beach
Summer dress
Black tank top
Cardigan for the cooler nights
Black skinnies
Printed T
Cropped T-shirt
Denim Shorts
Printed skinny scarf


Fashion Spotlight: Summer Music Festivals

Once you hit 18 summer becomes synonymous with music festivals. And with Big Day Out, Good Vibrations and Future Music Festival (which is the one I'm going to) just around the corner, a festival fashion post is in order. Now the key thing when dressing for a music festival is comfort, make sure it is comfy enough to wear 12 straight hours in the sun, dancing and walking. Remember it can get dirty and you may loose stuff so make sure you don't wear anything you love or anything expensive.When we went to Good Vibrations last year, the weather changed and it ended up being a wet, cold day. Now the moral from this story is even if you have a perfect festival outfit in mind, if the weather changes then change your outfit because the people wearing bikinis and denim cutoffs looked ridiculous (oh and another moral is make sure you bring a poncho if it look likes rain). So I jumped on Polyvore and recreated some of these celeb festival looks to inspire you. And for my northern hemisphere readers who are shivering in the cold, hopefully this post will warm you up with thoughts of dancing in the sun.

Kate Moss festival fashion
KateMoss festival fashion by Shila11 featuring Converse shoes

Denim shorts are easy, and scream summer. The bag is super appropriate as well, small and keeps your hands free whilst being large enough to carry a camera, phone and ID.

festival by Shila11 featuring Miu Miu bags

A playsuit is so easy to wear, throw it on and just add accessorises. And as you can see in the very above image, some cool sunnies are a festival must (but maybe some cheaper ones because they may end up crushed at the bottom of a mosh pit)

Pixie Festival
Pixie Festival by Shila11 featuring TopShop shorts

Singlet, shorts. Easy and comfy.

Links a la mode: I made the list!

links a la mode


Edited by Sandra/Debutante Clothing It’s over kids – 2009 is done. Everyone is probably completing their resolutions list, which we never keep past March. This year, I have no list. I have just promised myself to evolve – learn something new, try new products, evolve in my style. Making yourself better, not different, seems to be on many bloggers’ minds. Fasshonaburu evolves by discovering her style, Fashion Cents helps us shop for designer while feeling great about our budget, and Hello Beauty teaches us how to finally do a smoky eye, quickly and simply. We don’t need to spend a lot, try too hard, or even shop a lot to start anew – we can make 2010 the year we get one year better than the last. Happy New Year – Cheers!

Links à la Mode : December 31st

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fashion Spotlight: Hairspiration

A new year, a new look and the easiest way to change up your look is changing your hair. I have been trying to rock the hair du jour (i.e. middle part, no fringe) but frankly it makes me look old and gets a little dull.

So for those looking for some inspiration, look no further. Just a few days ago I took in a pic of Zoe Kravtiz (first image) into the hair dresser and am now rocking a front fringe. And if you don't want to go for a drastic cut then just adding a braid, a la Lauren Conrad or headband can freshen things up too.

 My new hair:

Friday, January 1, 2010

Fashion Spotlight: Lorick

Abigail Lorick is the ghost designer behind Gossip Girl's Eleanor Waldorf and Abigail's label Lorick is the ghost label behind Waldorf designs. Lorick can also be found on the show worn not only by Blair but also Serena. Lorick's designs, like Blair's wardrobe, can be described as traditional whilst still remaining modern with a touch of quirky.

Lorick Spring 2010

Lorick on Gossip Girl