Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fashion Spotlight: Sass & Bide, London Fashion Week

Fashion week frenzy is everywhere, from New York to London. With designers revealing their latest looks, and giving us consumers a glimpse of what is next in fashion. What we see on the catwalk doesn't necessarily equate to exactly what we will be wearing next season but it does showcase some of the trends we will embrace (and if not, bitch about on our blogs). Looking at Sass & Bide's runway at London fashion week, its easy to spot the key elements. Based on their show my fashion forecast is:
- monochrome is back and black is the new black.
- sharp shoulders are still going strong
- pattern and detailing on fabrics, rather than just one block colour.
- dresses which show off the shape of the body, but not too the extent that the body con dress did.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fashion Spotlight: Winter

This is my second last day of holidays, come Monday 9am I will be sitting in a statistics lecture. What makes the thought even more depressing is that these are the last days of summer. No more beach, ice blocks, pool parties, summer dresses. The only thought that does get me through is that a new season means a whole new wadrobe to play with. These are some of items I'll be rocking/coveting this winter.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fashion Rant: Have we evolved since the 90s?

Being born on the 11th of January 1990 I only missed out on 11 days of the 90s, thus I am well and truly a child of the 90s. Despite this I still think the fashion of the 90s are cringe worthy, however I just may think this because back then my wardrobe was chosen by my mum. When I did start having power over my clothes, my choices were dictated by rules that were inspired by the mistakes from the 90s. Rules likes shoulder pads are a no, denim on denim is a no and one should never attempt midriff bearing clothing. But flicking through Cosmo the other day I was suprised to read that denim on denim is now OK. And no one is fooled by cropped tees, we all know that they are midriff tops from the 90s. And lets not forget how huge big shoulders were on the catwalk last year. But even more surprising than all these faux pas being toted as hip is that looking at the image in Cosmo of Jessica Szohrs wearing denim on denim didn't make me gag, although the thought of denim on denim still does. I guess we can look to Charles Darwin to solve this puzzle. Obviously in the 90s there was something about shoulder pads that appealed to the masses. So in a process similar to natural selection the designers of today have taken the good parts of such trends and enabled them to evolve from something cringe worthy into something coveted by us fashionistas. And hopefully us fashionistas have evolved enough to know that if we have  anything that resembles a beer belly we should stay away from cropped tees and if do wear denim on denim make sure they are different washes of denim. And surely we are all better off than when our mums were choosing our clothes.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

I'm so excited to win the beautiful blogger award, thank you Lisa for giving it to me.  So I have to pass it on but before I do I have to share 7 things I love:
- the beach
- hanging out with good company
- laughing until you cry
- fashion
- animals
- TV haha

I'm not sure if this blog is limited to fashion blogs, I don't think so, so passing on to my two lovely friend's lovely blogs : Petit a petit and xxxx
And in case it is, and this was hard to choose just two but Dozen Dresses and Cindy Whitehead

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fashion Rant: The Maxi debate

I have previously said that as a vertically challenged person I have not been able to enjoy the maxi wave we have been experiencing. But recently this all changed when my cousin bought a lovely tie dyed maxi, so lovely that I just had to try it on. As I approached the mirror I prepared myself for the stumpy girl drowning in material that would look back at me, but I was pleasantly surprised. So the maxi did not transform me into a supermodel but it actually looked good, and I'm pretty sure that it made me look taller. This is the moment that I fell in love with the maxi, so in love that I went out and bought myself two. They are fantastic, can be carried from day to night just by changing accessories. And as my friend pointed out you can eat as much you want wearing one because they hide tummy bulge quite nicely. And in this new love state I read Vogue editor Kirstie Clement's column in The Sunday Telegraph titled "A new-anti maxi factor". Kirstie labelled maxis as "cheap and nasty, even if they're not cheap" and announced Vogue's mission to "banish the maxi". I was in shock, surely this cannot be. The people behind what is considered a fashion bible are anti-maxi! My new found love is not loved by those that dictate fashion, has love blinded me to the flaws of the maxi? No, screw it. I love wearing my maxis, so who cares what Vogue thinks because hey love conquers all.   What do you guys think? Pro or anti maxi?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fashions on the field: Grammy's 2010

Love the awards season and today it was the musos day to shine. One of my favourites from the night was Glee's Lea, this girl gets it right every awards show (see my post about the globes).

Rihanna: From what I've read everyone loves this dress...I am not one of these people. I heard recently, and this may be completely fiction, that she said that she has been pushing the boundaries of fashion lately as a way to not be known as the victim of Chris Brown. With that in mind I understand the outfit choice more so but am still not a fan.
Lady Gaga. Ah Gaga, it is best to view her wardrobe as art rather than wearable.
Marissa Miller. I'm actually not that into formal fashion, I think its pretty limited and prefer cocktail dresses, so this may be why I also like this one. But then again a Victoria Secret model probably makes everything look hot.
Miley Cyrus. Despite what others say I kinda like her look tonight, and hey its more age appropriate than what she has been sporting lately.
Britney Spears. Opps she did it again. (sorry couldn't help myself)
Beyonce. I never like a fishtail dress, and this is no exception
Nicole Kidman. I think this is may be one of those dresses that looks really look on the rack, because I can see its potential but it looks off (and its not like Nic can't pull off a dress, remember that Balenciaga red number?)
Taylor Swift. I love Taylor, and at first I didn't like this dress but its grown on me but I much prefer Taylor in sundresses and her casual gear (although I did like that dress she wore at the MTV awards).