Friday, August 27, 2010

House in Tillford: My first experience of a fashion festival

As you may or may not have read in my previous post I was lucky enough to win tickets to Peter Morrissey's show at Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival, this would be the first ever fashion week-esque event that I have ever attended so it is not a suprise I was excited. After I had found a friend to go with my thoughts immediately went to what would should I wear. As I has never been to such an event before and nothing I owned was really designer so I was at a loss, but finally I decided on an outfit (blue mini dress with ruched sleeves and heeled lace up ankle boots). But even as I made my way to the city the day of the show I was still unsure; was I overdressed? Or underdressed? And why are my heels killing my legs and disabling my ability to walk?

As my friend and I entered (well i hobbled/limped into) the building where it was held it was a little surprising, from the outside it looked small and we thought we would be walking straight into runway area but instead we met a showroom with various stands, a bar and "fashion people". We wondered around taking in the sights and ended up in what I think was the VIP bar area. And although you think it would be glamorous being around all the industry people it was slightly intimidating and we thought it was obvious that we were newbie uni students so soon left to explore the showroom some more. Throughout the time we were in the showroom my friend was urging me to interview some people for the blog but I was way too intimidated, but really I did waste the opportunity especially at the Famous magazine stand. As we walked past the stand one of the ladies manning it called us over to enter their style contest they were running; all you had to do was get your picture taken (see mine below, it is a bit horrid and I look slightly scared) and that the fashion editors from the magazine were there and keen to answer questions but once again I chickened out. Actually during the show I did build courage and thought of a few questions, unfortunately when the show ends you exit a different way and don't go back into the showroom.

Soon after we entered the runway area and were seated. I was quite keen to spot some celebs and eagerly scanned the front row, I did spot Bessie Bardot, Clayton Watson (from Always Greener and Out of the Blue) and Renai Caruso (Out of the Blue). Then the room darkened and the show began, to read more about the actual collections click here. After the show we went through an exit that led us outside the building where we were met with the closest experience of paparazzi I have ever had with photographers and camera crews gathered around the exit. My friend and I were pretty excited to be asked our opinions about the Peter Morrissey show by the Today show, if you are interested in watching it you can see it here, just play the video labelled Peter Morrissey.

So on a whole my experience was pretty enjoyable and I walked away with few goodies, plus 2 seconds of airtime. For any bloggers I would advise that you don't be intimidated and do use the opportunity to interview people and snap some pictures otherwise you'll probably regret it. In terms of what to wear, I definitely didn't feel overdressed so I would say dress up but don't look like you are heading to your school formal. Oh and be 100% sure you can walk in the shoes you choose to wear!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fashion Spotlight: Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival Day Three

I actually wasn't planning on attending or covering RSFF this year but then I was lucky enough to win tickets from for the Peter Morresiey show so off I trekked to the city today with my friend Hima. Reading a little bit about the show I was quite excited after learning that this was his first time back on the catwalk since closing down his business last year and that he hasn't actually shown a collection on the runway in seven years, so bit of a comeback. The line he was showing was actually his line for Big W. Before his show was Dr Rey Shapewear and Mensfit.

Dr Rey Shapewear
Liked the quirky accessories and the models weren't the usual super skinny girls you would expect to see on a catwalk but I suppose shapewear would actually need models who have curves.

Well what can I say about this, I'm not going to even attempt to make some kind of style comment. Enjoy the pictures.

Peter Morrissey
The main event. Both his "Woman" and "Man" collections were in the show and in all honesty it wasn't super exciting although I suppose it was made for Big W and meant to be affordable. One of the highlights of the shows was that I got a little starstruck by seeing Samantha Harris on the runway.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Instead of staying in Sigiriya we stayed in Kandy and made the drive there in the morning. We left Thilanka Hotel at around 8.30 and the drive took about 2.5 hours, would of probably been wiser to have left earlier because it was already scorching when we got there and the later you go the hotter it is and the more the rock heats up which makes climbing up the 1200 steps even more difficult. Another thing that makes the climb harder is that the steps are tiny so there were points where we were climbing up it sideways. Another thing you will notice if you go is the number of "guides" who try and attach to you along the way, in the last part of our climb the rest of my family stopped at the feet of the lion ( I wouldn't be suprised if this is a common place where people give up on the climb as I noticed a few others also doing so) so it was only B and I who continued, this is when a guide attached to us. It can be a little annoying if you wanted to do it solo but we didn't actually mind because both of us knew nothing of the history so if the guide hadn't been there everything would have been ruins rather than the king's pool, the throne, the dancing area etc. It is pretty surreal to imagine what used to be, oh and the view is pretty impressive. After giving us a tour of the top the guide explained that he was poor, needed to feed his family etc i.e. asked to be paid, unsure of how much to pay him B gave him 1000rupees, later talking to family this was apparently quite generous.

B and I in front of Sigiriya

At the top

After we recovered from the climb we piled back into the van and headed towards Jetwing's hotel Vil Uyana (located close to Sigiriya) for lunch. This place is stunning, set on a man made lake with 25 hut like houses, it feels like you have stepped into a luxurious village. So gorgeous I couldn't resist snapping away, see the snaps below. And the lunch was super tasty too. Would recommend this place for couples who want to relax, want  a bit of nature and luxury and are willing to spend a little extra. 

Library, Vil Uyana


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kandy, Sri Lanka

We left for Kandy from Colombo and on our way we stopped by Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage which I would highly recommend visiting. Entry for foreign adults costs 2000Rs (about $20AUD), which is cheap but when you compare it to local adults seems extreme, for locals it is only 50Rs ( a bit over 50cents)! This is how is it is for most tourist places, one price for locals and another more expensive one for foreigners, which at first look seems a bit unfair but locals say Sri Lanka is a developing country and must make money from tourism and know tourists can afford those prices. They also charge you for bringing cameras, although I am not sure how much because they didn't charge us. We got in time to watch two baby elephants being bottle fed (this happens at 9.15, 13.15 and 17.00). After this we walked up a little bit and came across an amazing site; the whole herd of elephants grazing in front of the backdrop of forest. It truly was spectacular to be so close to so many elephants. We were then told to head across the street to the river where we would soon be  met by the herd as they took their bath, the herd leaves for the river at 10am and 2pm and stay for about two hours. This was another amazing sight as the whole herd walks past you, and then frolics in the water, again with picturesque backdrop. Highly highly recommend going.

 We then headed to our hotel in Kandy, Hotel Thilanka. We stayed here last time we visited Sri Lanka and this time we got a suite which was quite fancy. The hotel is quite nice with a range of rooms, a pool, a Ayurveda Spa and an impressive view (the hotel looks over the town) but the best thing about this hotel you won't find on their site. The best thing is being woken up to find monkeys on your balcony and around the grounds of the hotel. So lovely waking up and hand feeding them but be careful as they are wild, and also don't leave anything on the balcony as we saw them stealing clothes off the balconies of guests. Naughty behaviour aside it was fun feeding them and a lot of the monkeys had babies with them which was very cute.
Monkeys chilling by the pool, Hotel Thilanka

One of the main attractions of Kandy is the Temple of the Tooth which we visited at night, which is when it is supposed to be the prettiest. Be warned that they are very strict about what you wear to this temple, I wore a modest sleeved white dress that came halfway down my knees and they said that was a problem and made me wrap my cardigan around my waist. 

Temple of the Tooth, Kandy

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I like your style: Lea Michele

Everytime I've featured Lea Michele before from a red carpet event I've raved about her style so it is about time she gets her own feature.  And the formula to her style is not that overly complicated; pretty dress + glam hair - OTT make up or accessories = Lea's style. If you look at all the images her look is all about the dress and everything else is fairly simple so the dress remains in the spotlight, and because the dresses are always cute so is her look.