Fashions on the field: Golden Globes 2011

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Award season is well and truly upon us. Lots of elegance this year at the carpet: think trains and blacks and whites. Here are some of are some of the looks from this year's Golden Globes

Angelina Jolie:  This dress just reminds me of bad 80s fashion although I do think green is a nice colour on her then again what colour doesn't work on her
Christina Aguilera: I personally don't like fishtail dresses but I love this dress from the knee up
Scarlett Johansson: Such a pretty dress! Love everything; the sleeves, the colour and the cut. Her tattoo slightly kills the elegance of the outfit but what can you do.
Megan Fox: Although I am not a Megan Fox fan I have to admit that I really like her dress, especially the top detail.

Nicole Kidman: Another pretty dress, although it does wash her out a little.
Dianna Agron: I've heard this dress described as blah but its one of my favourites from the night, she looks divine. 
Olivia Wilde: Such a fun attention stealing gown! The only thing I think that kills the outfit is the hair, doesn't really match the dress.
Amber Riley: Another sequined dress, quite a popular choice this year  (along with cream gowns) but this was one of my favourites.

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  1. I loved the dresses from tonight but they looked way better on tv than in pictures to me!


  2. pimacchine per lamieraThanks for commenting on my blog and happy
    belated:). Your cake looked do yummy and you
    shoes? One word - fabulous!


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