Fashion Spotlight: Kate's Wedding Dress

By 9:51 PM

The greatly awaited dress has been revealed. Modest yet gorgeous. Love the lace and the neckline. The dress is designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. 

And the other anticipated outfit, for me at least, was Victoria's. Designed by her, was disappointing- tres sack-like.

David Beckham (L) and British designer Victoria Beckham

Can't believe I forgot to include Julia when I originally posted this. Her fashion sense has been under fire this week. She is wearing a collection of Australian designers- Anthea Crawford skirt, Carla Zampatti camisole, Aurelio Costarella jacket. You know what I don't mind this outfit, like the navy. Not really loving the jacket with the outfit but still good job Julia.


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  1. haha thanks for including the pic of julz, forgot that she was gonna be there.
    *sigh* kate looked beautiful as always!

  2. I love her dress!!!!

    It´s my Eye from Orchid Style, I had a creative break and now I´m baack blogging again :)
    Hope you like how I changed Orchid Style to "Rockchic´s Blog" :)

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment! I love Kate's dress! She looked so classy and pretty! Love your blog, I am now following :)


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