Fashions on the field: Coachella 2011

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Seeing  the line up for Coachella a couple of months ago made me so jealous that we don't have a similar equivalent. Plus it appears to be a star studded affair. Although not really a place of great fashion it is interesting to see what the celebrities are wearing.

Kelly Osborne: I'm always a fan of a blue polka dot dress and this is no exception. Totally cute retro outfit although the shoes and socks kind of throws the look a little. I would of paired it with some red flats. 

Coachella Celebrities 2011

Camilla Belle: I think this is a perfect festival outfit- simple and comfortable but still looks stylish. 

Fashion face-off: Vanessa Hudgens wore a pair of acid wash hotpants but Lady Victoria Hervey hit a bum note in a purple and turquoise dress

Vanessa Hudgens: I'm usually a fan of her style but don't like any part of this outfit- the 90s denims, the ugly crochet top and necklace. It looks like she was trying too hard to go for that hippie carefree look. That being said the diamontees or whatever they are under her eyes are fun. 

Katy Perry: This look does not fit at all at a music festival. From the neck up- cute festival vibe and then the dress kills it. 

Diane Kruger: Really loving the maxi skirt right now and she rocks this on trend piece perfectly. 

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  1. Katy Perry's outfit is bordering on morbid, but Belle's is super cute


  2. drunkushi! camille belle's is my fave & im kinda feeling vanessa's too but katy perry makes me :(

  3. p.s. looking forward to your blog on RAFW!

  4. ok it appears my previous comment didn't post :(

    camilla and diane's are my fav outfits, diane's oufit i like a little bit more over all but camilla's outfit best for a festival since a maxi might get annoying.

    vanessa definitely looks like she is trying too hard but it does look like she's having fun!


Thanks for the comments!